Cyberpunk Social Club

An animated pixel robot walking.

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Underground electronic music for robots. Pursuit of complex and elegant ideas in simple and crude systems; Or a love letter to the freedom found in restrictions. To destroy the popollution, and to create something truly unique. Something out of this world.


!Backstage Unlock Binaerpilot Rarities 470MB+
!Binaerpilot Public Complete Binaerpilot Discography 440MB+
!FLAC Unlock High-Definition Audio 650MB+

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A terminal-like UI written in jQuery that serves as a personal portfolio and playground. An expression of domain knowledge, but more importantly showcases diversity in problem solving and breadth of skill. Deliberately obstinant UX, a not-so subtle filter for potential collaborators.

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We are open to all lifeforms, especially silicon-based. Collaborative work happens, but this is a place to recreate and recharge. It is an outlet for you to share your work, however, as the collective shares ideas and thoughts, the sum of the creative output grows. While we have very few rules, we have even less tolerance for people who break them.


  • Work is meaning.
  • Create something frequently.
  • Substance is experienced not assigned;
  • Art happens in the interpretation.
  • Transparency of process, not of content.
  • Embrace all perspective that affords growth.
  • There is freedom in limitation.
  • Stand with progress and youth.
  • Be a proponent of an emotional revolution.
  • Die exhausted of ideas.

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It's offline right now, but we try to keep the feed alive as much as possible. It is the origin story of this collective, and serves as a beacon for similar individuals around the world. Especially those that long for community above all. Us, the weird people. You are hereby invited.